CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Short Bio

Anna Branets is passionate about sociolinguistics, language contacts and not traditional modes of communication (receptive multilingualism). She graduated in Ukraine with a Master degree in Linguistics and then moved to Estonia where she has studied within PhD for three years. She was awarded multiple scholarships in different fields. Being an active organiser, Anna was working for almost a year for a Finnish Project called ‘Know your Neighbour’ where imitation game method was used as a powerful instrumental tool. The topic of these games was ethnic identity and social changes in Estonia. Anna was a local organiser in Tallinn where she recruited around 180 participants in total.

Anna participated in numerous scientific conferences (Ireland, Lithuania, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, etc.) where she always delivered presentations. Moreover, she is writing scientific publications to highly rated journals.

Anna underwent monthly internships in Portugal in international relations and in Holland in Digital Communication and Cultural studies. Having a broad range of interests, Anna has focused now on Civil Society Development, Organizational development and Conflict Management. 

Personal Focus:

linguistics, social sciences, peace and security

Language Skills:

Ukrainian (native L1), Russian native (L2), English (fluently), Estonian (intermediate)