CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

ConSim Caucasus 2009

We conducted a simulation game with a group of young activists from Georgia, Armenia and Aizerbaidschan in Bazaleti, Georgia. The simulation was a seven-days-seminar with preparation and evaluation units. All participants were in the role of the main stakeholders from different conflicts in the region of the south Caucasus. Trough the simulation the participants could experience political processes and dynamics, with which they had the chance of finding personal and alternative explanations for the conflict resolution.Our local partners were strongly encouraged in the process of planning and organization. This fact was always emphasized, as well as during the first organizational meeting, in which the seminar schedule has been worked out commonly. With the seminar itself we want to contribute to the conflict resolution in the region.

Duration: 01.05.2009 till 31.12.2009 Seminardates: 09.11.till 15.11.2009 Budget: 39.199,74 € Participants: 30 from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Target Group

As we are convinced of the effectiveness of the method of simulation gaming we wanted to offer an innovative instrument for conflict-transformation. That’s why we were aiming for young Members of Civil Society working in the field of conflict transformation. Furthermore people with different backgrounds that are looking for new didactic methods.

Project Goals

The overall goal was to pass on the described method to possible multiplicators. By this the seminar followed a train-the-trainers-concept. Furthermore by bringing people from different regions and working fields together, the seminar offered an excellent base for Networking and further cooperation. Bringing people together and by this pushing the reconciliation process forward, has to be carried out by people on the ground. Therefore we strived for intense cooperation with local partners.