CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Dialogue Facilitation: More secure wind sport activities on the former airfield Tempelhof

After the successful referendum, which prevented the construction of buildings on the former airfield of Tempelhof, many intense discussions about how the area should be used in the future have been going on. With its size of more than 360 ha, the airfield is one of the biggest inner-city parks in the world, making any discussion a city wide issue. In this framework it was decided, that in a one-year process the citizens of Berlin, in cooperation with the administration, should come up with a development plan, providing guidelines for the future of the airfield. The development plan should define spaces for different needs and uses on the airfield, ranging from recreation, to history and from sport to nature conservation. CRISP was part of this process, being responsible for dealing with conflicts which might occur during the negotiations and consult those persons responsible for the process. Eventuallyin 2016, the development plan was accepted by all stakeholders involved and was put to law the Berlinparliament. Following the activities regarding the development plan, we got involved in the facilitation o fa central conflict on the former airfield of Tempelhof: How can the need for space of wind sports be harmonized with the need for safety of other visitors of the airfield?

Duration: 2016 Location: Berlin, Germany Participants: 30

Target Group

involved citizens

Project Goals

The result of our facilitation process was a comprehensive safety concept to which all sides could relate to in the end. It is still in practice and enables a reconciliation of interests between the requirements of the wind sports and the interests of other visitors, by defining zones of active wind sporting and areas which are reserved for other leisure activities. By this the unique character of the field as a space where different needs and interest can coexist peacefully was kept.