CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.


The simulation game analyzes the current European migration policy and shows institutional mechanismsof decision-making processes within the European Union. Furthermore, the simulation game highlightsthe impact of such decisions on local communities. It aims at a sensitization regarding the issue of migration and the social and political conflicts inherent to it. The simulation game particularly focuses on raising awareness regarding the need and possibilities of cooperation to find a solution for social and political problems outside a single state perspective.

TOPIC: Migration LOCATION: Khémisset, Morocco Participants: 24 :

Target Group

The seminar happened in the frame of a long-term project by the Heinrich-Boell Foundation, which wants to strengthen the voice of Moroccan civil society actors in this important discourse.

Project Goals

Through the simulation game, the participants got a deeper understanding of the difficult negotiationswithin the EU as well as in between EU and transit states for a coherent European Migration Policy. Thelearning outcomes were immediately used to update a previously drafted position paper concerning thedemands and suggestions of the Moroccan civil society towards a European Migration Policy.