CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Mid-Term-Evaluation of Local Peace Initiatives

In October, we gathered together with our local trainers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia Moldova, Ukraine and Russia, in order to have the mid-term evaluation of the local implementation phases.

31.10.2017 Erstellt von Andreas Muckenfuß

Since 2015, we are running the project Peace + Conflict Consultant. Over the years, we provided our trainers with different techniques and input on theoretical frameworks for effective peace activities. Gradually we handed over more and more responsibility to our local consultants.

Thus, this year all of them are managing their local implementation phases in most instances independently. In total, the 14 consultants of the project implemented a minimum of two local Training-of-Facilitators per country and together with their participants implemented different peace initiatives. All will conduct two more evaluation activities until the end of November.

For it is amazing to see the high level of commitment of the local consultants and we are very delighted that they managed to implement so many activities this year and reached out to so many new, potential peacebuilders. By the end of the year, we will be able to present you a detailed overview of the local activities in the different countries.

I nthe follow-up project next year we hope to make the efforts undertaken until then even more sustainable, by connecting the consultants to other professionals from the field, but also with actors from track 1 and 2, as well as with possible donors.