CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Erzsébet Lajos

Erzsébet was born and raised in the beautiful town of Cluj in Romania where she discovered her enthusiasm for civic engagement, grassroots initiatives and sustainability in all areas of life.

She moved to Berlin to continue studying in 2009 and has lived there ever since, apart from three months spent in Prague. After finishing a Master in Cultural and Political Sciences focussed on Eastern Europe, she worked as a freelance project-manager and facilitator for several NGOs and foundations. Her work allowed her to travel as far as Russia, Tunisia and Kosovo, enabled her to work with people from various backgrounds and tackle the topics of diversity, sustainability and social transformation.

She is our newest member and joined CRISP in the beginning of 2017.

Personal Focus:

Diversity and Complexity, Organisational Development, Non-formal Learning and Sustainability

Regional Focus:

South East Europe, Ukraine

Language Skills:

English, German, Hungarian, Romanian and Russian (a bit)