CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Noha is passionate for civic engagement so she has been working in the civic society for the past 6 years between volunteering and paid jobs. She believes it is our responsibility to widen the chain of knowledge to achieve sustainable development. She sees that many of the contemporary challenges that are facing both her country and the world are either consequences or manifestations of the prevailing culture of violence and lack of citizenship in our societies. In that sense, she sees the culture of peace and citizenship as an approach to address many of these challenges and offer a wide array of alternatives for social, political and economic transformation in Egypt and in the world.

Noha believes that business has a responsibility toward the society, so she made an internship at Microsoft CSR. She studied International Business Masters in Sweden with major focus on Human Resources Management, Corporate social responsibility and Knowledge Management. One of Noha’s important steps in the world of active participation is when she joined “Gerhart Center for Civic Engagement and Business Responsibility” at the American University in Egypt. Believing in collective intelligence, she contributed to the empowerment of diverse groups of youth by providing them with the needed civic education, practical tools, mentorship and community dialogue methodologies to become civically engaged. Also, they followed collective problem solving and through the program to influence the most pressing issues in her community such as gender inequality, migration, inter-religions and weakness of formal education.

She thinks traditional education schemes are not the most successful methods anymore. Methods like Open-space technology, world cafe, art of hosting and graphic facilitation proved their effectiveness around the world in sustainably sharing information and ideas and in empowering opinions and public groups. Thus, she finds simulation game is a strong learning tool, enable individuals to experience real conflict and different opinions and give them the space to react in accordance with the surrounding context risk free environment, make it visible as if its a real situation. It is effective way to shift people way of thinking from learning by doing.

Personal Focus

Corporate Social Responsibility, Contemporary organizational theories, Civic education and social sciences

Language skills

English, Arabic and little Swedish