CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.


The simulation game, Greencity, highlights the complexity of the conflict between religious and secular groups and the possible points of manifestation of the conflict on a local level. In the fictional town of Greencity a wide range of actors from different social and political spheres come together to discuss the recently occurred act of vandalism that had a religious connotation. Though the culprit is not yet identified, the citizens are urged to find the appropriate deescalating measures.

Target-Group: Youth activists and Youth-Workers, age 18 and above Participants: 12 to 25 Duration: 1 day Type: fictitious Languages: English, Kyrgyz and Russian

Scenario & Procedure

Greencity is one of the youngest cities of Evergreenia. It was formed in 1975 at the place where large coal reserves were found in 1960. Evergreenia is considered a democratic and secular country, however as the number of believers is increasing, Islam has begun to plan an important role in the society. Lately, the notion of secularity becomes one of the most controversial questions. An act of vandalism has stirred up dispute in Greencity recently and, in order to tackle the debate, the mayor has invited representatives from the civil society, religious and human rights organizations to a meeting. The goal of this encounter is to exchange views and decide what joint activities they could undertake to prevent such disagreements and conflicts from occurring in the future. 


The focus of the simulation game is to convey an understanding of the conflict-dynamics between religious and secular groups in a society that is divided in that matter. The game explores the specific topics where a conflict might manifest between persons with different beliefs and encourages inclusive, solution-oriented thinking. 

Learning Goals

Understanding the dynamics of the conflict between the religious and secular groups in societyDevelop and test alternative problem-solving approachesStrengthen negotiation skills