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Nadi El Mohakah's New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of Nadi El Mohakah website!

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Young Leaders of UNDP develop a new National Youth Policy

Just some days before Christmas we were invited to facilitate one day at the regional forum of UNDP’s Youth Leadership Programme (YLP4) “Innovating for Sustainable Impact” in Tunis.

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Implementation of Syria simulation game with civil society actors in Hannover

From the 10th until the 11th of November we conducted the simulation game “Syria” in cooperation with Al Sharq and Hometown Hannover in Hannovers biggest community-centre.

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Closing SET-Project-Series in Egypt

We celebratedour project-series SET (2012 - 2018) in Egypt. Together with more than 200 guests, we reviewed the last exiting six years and presented the new entity Nadi El Mohake Foundation (Simulation Gamers Club, Egypt) to the public.

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HakhodHa’ay - I will take my Right

HakhodHa’ay is an initaitive against Gender-Based-Violence that was developed and implemented in the course of our project SET-5.

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Milestone: Nadi El Mohake becoming an independent network

CRISP, the Center for Development Services (CDS) and the Simulation Gamers Club Egypt (SimClub) came together for a workshop on “fundraising and planning” in Cairo from 16th until 20th of September.

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Taberlingen in the news - Workshop for IPS Fellows

In reaction to the current events and developments in Europe, we have updated our Simulation Game Taberlingen, that deals with the question of migration, integration and exclusion on a local level in Germany.

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