CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Networking Trip to Brussels

The two executive directors of CRISP travelled to Brussels in order to present our work and to find some new partners.


Since a while we were planning to go to Brussels and to establish some new contacts within differ-ent EU-Agencies related to our work in the field of conflict transformation and crisis prevention. Already last year we contracted a liaison-officer, Tommaso Galli, who was preparing our trip to Brussels in advance. Thanks to Tommaso we had a very tight schedule and managed to have 15 meetings within two days. Besides the contacts inside the EU we also met other NGOs and donor-organizations.

All meetings and talks were very useful for further developing and expanding our activities. We are very happy about the constructive talks and promising pre-arrangements. Definitely CRISP is much more popular than before.

It was great to see how open the EU-institutions actually are and how seriously interested they are in our civil society activities (track-3) – we wished that spirit would be more widespread…we’ll keep working on it.