Within the framework of the European Voluntary Service (EVS), we are giving volunteers the chance to fully familiarize themselves with our work.

Personal project

The volunteer will not only be involved in the general activities of the organization, but will also carry out a project of his/her own, starting from its conception through its development, preparation, realization, and evaluation. Through the acquisition of these general and specific tasks, we aim to motivate the volunteer to engage as an active citizen in her/his homeland.

Civic Involvement

Through the intercultural exchange - made possible by the EVS - we strive to promote an international self-awareness, as well as tolerant and understanding interactions between nations. Through the volunteers’ work in our organization, we hope to mediate a fundamental democratic understanding of values and to encourage them to take part in civil society.

Personal development

It is our aim to support young people from our focus regions to help to facilitate their personal development. Additionally, it is important that young people take their experiences back to their respective communities, thereby contributing to a locally sustainable democratic and liberal development.

The volunteers can expect a productive and loyal working environment. Moreover, we are positive that the members of our organization, as well as the organization as a whole, can benefit from the volunteers’ ideas, which will influence our work.

How to apply?

Currently we are looking for (EVS) European volunteer service from Egypt and Ukraine.

For more details, check the news where you can find how to apply.