Over the last years we managed to create a pool of external trainers that support us. Their skills and contributions vary from conflict-analysis, simulation game development and different training methods and topics.


Arzu Gebullayeva

She is a great journalist and a great trainer.

Andra Tanase

She is a great trainer and we appreciate her expertise and experience in the field of conflict transformation and peacebuilding a lot. 

Mohamed Shehab Eldin

Mr. Shehab brings in 16 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and Speaker focusing on Leadership, Strategic planning, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Dialogue and Public Speaking.

Dinah Riese

She is has implemented several workshops for us. Furthermore she supported us in the development of some of our simulation games.

Kazem Hemeida

Awesome guy and a very good friend.

Zina El Nahel

A really great young woman from Egypt who contributed significantly to this organization.

Ruslan Asadov

One of our partners form the very beginning.

Armani Gambaryan

Armani is one of our most creative colleagues. He is a very cheerful guy. He has worked with youth, non-governmental organizations and in intercultural projects for several years. Since 2012 Armani has been working as a freelance trainer. His areas of work and interest include: conflict management, cross-cultural communication, human rights, and diversity issues. As well as intellectual property rights (copyright), PR, branding and visual communication.

Tobias Burgers

First person ever who mentioned CRISP in one real sentence together with Berghof Foundation.