Our activities include different formats such as projects that last several months, workshops + seminars, the implementation of simulation games, as well as Training-of-Trainers on simulation gaming. In the following you find an overview of our current and completed activities.


Results: 10

Conflict Transformation Online Course for Yemen

Within GIZ’s efforts to support the peace process in Yemen, CRISP develops a self-paced online course for Yemeni youth that fosters conflict transformation awareness.  

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Peace Support in Yemen- Arabia Felix Simulation Game

A tailor-made simulation game with the aim of strengthening the local capacities of Yemeni youth in peacebuilding and conflict transformation

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Building Synergies between Egyptian and German Peacebuilding organizations

This project aims to create collaborations and opportunities for discussion with Egyptian and German Peacebuilding organizations on different peacebuilding and conflict resolution methodologies used in Egypt

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Wer regiert Neuland?

The entry of the AfD into parliament and the decline in the election results of the mainstream parties mean that a wide variety of government alliances are conceivable in coalition negotiations in Germany. That's why we want to develop an app-based…

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CRISP and GIZ collaborate for Equal Opportunities in Egypt

CRISP and GIZ Egypt join forces to implement “Equal Opportunities and Sustainable Development” project (EOSD).

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UN Youth Delegates Sudan

The project aims to support and guide the first generation of the UN Youth Delegates from Sudan by offering them trainings, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, as they prepare to address pressing issues in their communities at an…

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TAR 2030 – Developing a Vision for Renewed Transatlantic Relationship

The project provides spaces and opportunities for young people in Germany to actively address those aspects of transatlantic relationship that are specifically relevant for their vision of the future.

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CEEM - Civic education with emancipatory methods

How to increase the quality and effectiveness of Civic Education in Georgia? CRISP with partners has the answer: to use up-to-date educational tools, such as Simulation Games or Theater in Education. For this, we created CEEM project which should…

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Y-lead Virtual Spaces for Active Citizenship

Increasing participation of youth and women in the Egyptian Local Council Elections, by raising awareness about their rights and duties and equipping them with the needed know-how and skills.

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PRESENTES - Adolescentes para el Proceso Constituyente

This project aims to increase political participation of excluded youth in Chile during the Convención Constituyente 2021/22 and beyond. By supporting a more inclusive process during the drafting of the New Constitution, we aim to increase the…

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