CRISP does not receive any institutional funding. We finance our work exclusively through project-grants,  for which we have to apply and which allow us to implement projects.

However these funds do not permit us to carry out much needed investments in our infrastructure [desks, chairs, etc.] or technical equipment [computers, cameras, etc.] and so we are constantly facing a financial tour de force! 

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we require your help! To improve our working environment and in order to help us realize our goals, CRISP kindly requests your support!

Become a sustaining member!

You’ve familiarized yourself with CRISP, its activities and goals, and now want to support us? We are thankful for every donation, no matter of which amount.

However, the most efficient way to support CRISP and its work is by becoming a sustaining member. To do so, fill in this Membership Application and send it to us by post or as a scanned version via Email. Thank you for the confidence placed in us.

Sustaining members

We are extremely grateful for all the assistance we have received so far – both financial and in kind – and hope for you to continue following and supporting our work! Here's an overview of our sustaining members:

Contributions in Kind

Other potential contributions are also welcome. Those are needed in several fields: technical support, legal or professional advice, networking and joint promotion possibilities, etc. If you wish to support us with human or technical resources, or have further enquiries about strategic partnership opportunities, please contact Andreas Muckenfuß.