Supporting a New Constitution in Chile

CRISP celebrates a historic watershed in Chile by empowering youth through the Constituent Convention and beyond.

After months of civil unrest, Chilean people make history by voting for a new constitution that champions their social needs. CRISP seizes this historic turning point by developing a project that empowers marginalized youth to actively participate in the decision making process and increase their ownership of the new constitution, making the process as inclusive as possible and ensuring the legitimacy of the outcomes.

In partnership with the Defensoría de la Niñez, several universities and Civil Society Organizations in Chile, CRISP develops a tailor-made simulation game to be implemented in different regions in Chile. The aim of the simulation game is to provide marginalized youth in Chile with a space to express their needs and opinions, which will then be documented in the form of proposals and be presented to Constituent Convention. To further sustain the process of making the public sphere accessible for marginalized youth in Chile, an Online Platform for Political Participation will be developed, where constructive, nation-wide, public debates can take place, providing a sustainable and permanent communication medium between youth and decision makers.

The project targets marginalized youth in Chile between 16 and 24 years old, vocalizing their needs and channelling them to the Constituent Convention, while ensuring the sustainability of their engagement by equipping them with an online tool (OPPP) where they can permanently participate in public debates and express ideas.

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