CRISP is entering a new reality

We have upgraded our equipment and will soon branch out into the world of virtual reality. 

Virtual and augmented reality has come a long way in recent years when it comes to technology and accessibility. We think it has finally reached a level where it can be useful in our mission and projects. Since we have developed our first online applications during the pandemic, we have gotten to know some talented programmers and UX designers who will collaborate with us on this. 

We see a chance to enable even deeper perspective change, immersive learning and meaningful interaction on a wide range of political and civic topics. This is why we are now using the Oculus Quest 2 to design new online simulation games, serious games and interactive learning from scratch.

Currently, we are experimenting with even more captivating ways of giving insight, sparking thought and coming together. We are currently working on some pilot training projects and will work on more ambitious VR-based training, education and participation products in the future. We have some very exciting things cooking so stay tuned!