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In June we first introduced our updated “Wer regiert Neuland?” simulation game and WebApp to the Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt Foundation. The simulation game, which received new funding and input over the last four months, will be multiplied through…

Last Thursday we had our first online meeting with the AG Planspiel from Netzwerk Verstärker that will be consulted by CRISP during the process of simulation game development about the topic of racism. 

The Netzwerk is a group of people in…

Das neue Planspiel Wer regiert Neuland? macht Politik erlebbar und verständlich. Via ihrer smartphones schlüpfen junge Menschen und Erstwählende in die Rollen von Politiker*innen und versuchen eine stabile Regierung zu bil-den. Nach dem Planspiel…

The last online Training for Multipliers took place

Online-Training for multipliers


New Simulation Game: Serketia

Assessing Local Needs to Fight Neglected Tropical Diseases

During October 22-24, our team held a workshop “Working in Conflict-Sensitive Contexts – Methods of Conflict Transformation in Their Practical Application”.

From 5th to 11th of November more than 25 participants from 9 countries came to Baitz near Berlin to learn about racism, sexism, intersectional issues between different types of discrimination. How was it? Read the details below! From 5th to 11th of…

With the beginning of the new school year, we are glad to announce the start of TAR 2030 project and are inviting interested teachers to join our first activity together with your classes!

Im Superwahljahr 2021 und insbesondere kurz nach der Bundestagswahl stellt sich eine Frage mehr denn je: Wer wird die Bundesrepublik in den kommenden 4 Jahren mit wem regieren? Welche Koalition wird aus den Sondierungs- und Koalitionsverhandlungen hervorgehen? 

Etwa 1.000 Berliner Schüler*innen (8.-11. Klasse) von Spandau bis Köpenick haben bereits die Koalitionsverhandlungen im Rahmen unseres Planspiels „Wer regiert Neuland?“ simuliert. Die…

Germany has seen several important elections on federal and state level in 2021. Shortly after the election of the Bundestag end of September, many want to know who will govern Germany in the next 4 years. Which coalition will emerge from the exploratory talks?

Almost 1.000 Berlin Students from West to East have already simulated such talks and negotiations with our simulation game “Who governs Neuland”? The students took up the roles of…

What is Conflict Transformation? What can we learn from it and its methods for our work in conflict-sensitive contexts?


Newsletter June 2021

Newsletter Updates - June 2021

2021 ist ein Superwahljahr! In Kooperation mit der Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung und dem Institut für Parlamentarismusforschung (IPARL) haben wir über die letzten Monate ein Planspiel spiel rund um das Thema Koalitionsverhandlungen…

TAYA -Training Active Youth Workers in Anti-Discrimination-Education aims at enabling European youth workers to address topics related to discrimination and racism among their target groups and qualifying them to carry out educational activities that…

Games are a perfect tool to explain complex topics, such as sustainability, environment, and health in a playful and engaging manner. K2Games project combined fun and education to raise awareness of ecological issues.