Online Course: Peaceful Conflict Transformation

The training course “Peaceful Conflict Transformation” consists of four online modules 2-3 hours each and one home assignment. At the end of the course you will know more about the notion of peaceful conflict transformation, the core concepts of peace, violence and conflict. Also you will get to know basics of conflict analysis, its use and approaches and you will get the chance to apply the gained theoretical knowledge to real practical cases.

Our Offer

Conception: Adapted to the previous knowledge of the participants, tailor-made modules will be developed to carry out the training.

Training implementation: 4 online modules (duration approx. 2-2.5h) will be carried out during the training. These include 2 modules theory, 1 module practice, 1 module evaluation. All modules will be conducted in English.

Support of the participants: before, during and after the training, contact is maintained with the participants, previous knowledge is evaluated and, if the participants are successful, a certificate is issued.

Structure of the course

The course consists of two theory-based workshops, one home assignment, one practice-oriented workshop and one evaluation session (approximately 10h in total):

1. ModuleClarification of the terminology. What is conflict transformation? Basic concepts of conflict, peace and violence
2. ModuleWorkshop: Introduction to conflict analysis tools - What exists and how to use them in professional work
3. Module

Practice Session: Concrete cases from our target regions*

  • Creating civic spaces in Egypt: Local initiatives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Speaker: Mohamed Shehab El Din “RESOLVE"
  • Youth work in Bosnia and Herzegovina: chances and challenges. Speaker: Daniel Eror “Youth for Peace”
  • Relations between secular and religious groups in Kyrgyzstan. Speaker: Ulugbek Nurumbetov “Institute for Peace and Development"
4. ModuleEvaluation: From conflict analysis to an intervention - how we use results of conflict analysis in project development
Disclaimer:*Speakers may vary from course to course

Who is this course for

  • Young professionals, working or applying for work in the field of international development cooperation, humanitarian work and peacebuilding
  • Experienced practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge
  • Grassroots activists and individuals interested in gaining background knowledge about approaches to conflict transformation


150 EUR (includes the online live training moderated by 1-2 CRISP facilitators, all necessary literature, a feedback from the trainers on the conflict analysis conducted by you and the certificate of completion outlining the content of the course, serving as a portable proof that you have extended your knowledge and skills). We also offer early bird tickets for 130 EUR.