Simulation on the South China Sea at the Diplomatic Academy in Vietnam

Marking the third year of our cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), we developed and implemented a simulation game on the South China Sea in April. Due to travel restrictions, we supported the implementation via a training of trainers and ongoing coaching.

The scenario of the simulation is set in the near future during a preparation meeting for the 39th ASEAN Summit.  On the initiative of several member states, the topic of the South China Sea was put on the agenda with the aim to work on a comprehensive declaration on the position of ASEAN towards the ongoing tensions in the area.

The participants took over the role of representatives of ASEAN member states and had the chance to intensively discuss contemporary challenges such as the role of Lawfare, the use of uninhabited islands or resource extraction rights. Through this, they not only gained deeper insight on the topic and the diverging interest of the member states but could also improve their overall negotiation skills and their abilities to write formal declarations.