Simulation Games

We offer simulation games on a variety of topics and target groups and adapt them to individual needs. Use our filters to find the best-fitting simulation game for your project.

We are also happy to design individual simulation games, which we develop and implement together with you.



Wer regiert Neuland? - Koalitionsverhandlungen in Deutschland

Ein Smartphone-App gestütztes Planspiel zur Regierungsbildung in Deutschland

Terra Incognita - Commodity and Territorial Conflict

Socio-environmental land conflicts / national dialogue

Dealing with the Past in a post-conflict society

Historical Memory, Transformative Justice, Reconciliation

Helios - Local Councils in Egypt

Local Council Elections in Egypt. Finding and designing creative solutions for everyday challenges related to access and availability of public services.

Ard El Azm - Solving Social Problems

How to establish social structures that are inclusive for all citizens towards greater community cohesion?

Dear Mr. President - Dealing with Autocrats

What the USA's position on continuing the Paris Climate Agreement 2017 and the INF Disarmament Treaty 2019?

National Youth Policy - create a youth-development-plan

How to design a National Youth Policy (NYP)? Focussing on four areas: Economic Participation, Education, Political Participation and Social Cohesion.

SIMIC-Civil Military Cooperation

How can civil and military actors actually cooperate in a constructive and mutual beneficial way?

Botany - Ethical Questions in Cybersecurity

Focussing on current ethical and legal questions around possible responses of states to cyber threats and cyber-attacks.

Kodori - Peace Talks

How to engage a separatist movement into peace talks?

Nisia - climate induced crises

Nisia deals with the complex challenges that developing states are confronted with as consequences of climate change.

Ahl Heissa - Gender Equality

Exposing the participants to the concept of gender equality through discussing different topics and rights related to women.

Right Wing Populism in Europe

What are the structures of argumentation of right-wing-activists and how to respond?

SIMigration - European Migration Policies

How does EU-Migration policies work and how to design effective integration approaches?


Divini - Countering Violent Extremism

How to create local initiatives that are capable of preventing Religious Extremism?

Energy for Peace

To what extent natural resources can fuel a conflict and to what extent they can contribute to peace?

Non-Violent Resistance

What are the motivations and convictions behind the choice of forms of protest?

Nidal's Struggle

How to prioritize among different values and what does it mean to take value-based decisions?


We have been developing simulation games since 2007 and we are still loving it. Our committment to the method exhibits our conviction in the powerful benefits of simulation gaming as a learning-tool.


If you are interested in implementing a simulation game with your group, you can choose from a list of already existing games in our portfolio, or get in touch with us and we will develop an individual tailor-made simulation game to suit your needs.

Traning of Trainers

Our simulation games encompass a plethora of issues. We specialise in political and social conflicts and seek to develop adequate simulation games for local needs, which can range from local community issues to regional and international conflicts. Over the past years we have developed simulation games on many different topics. In general they fall into the following categories:Conflict Transformation, Civic Education and Citizen Participation.


We have worked with numerous organizations on a broad array of topics and with heterogenous target groups in Germany and abroad. The different formats of our simulation games vary from 4 hours to 3 days and from 8 participants to 40.