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Strategy Meeting 2022

This year CRISP held once again their annual strategy meeting, which was conducted online considering the ongoing pandemic situation and was organised in two parts.  

The first part was held on the 9th and 10th of February and focused on the discussion of organisational and logistical matters within the team. Colleagues facilitated discussions on our new coorperate identity, monitoring activities and yearly reports, responsibilities within the…

Das neue Planspiel Wer regiert Neuland? macht Politik erlebbar und verständlich. Via ihrer smartphones schlüpfen junge Menschen und Erstwählende in die Rollen von Politiker*innen und versuchen eine stabile Regierung zu bil-den. Nach dem Planspiel…

Wir bringen Schutzwesten dorthin, wo sie Leben retten. Allerdings können wir dieses Projekt nicht alleine stemmen – wir brauchen eure Unterstützung! 10% der Kosten trägt unser Verein. Für den Rest brauchen wir euch. 

We bring protective vests to places where they save lives. However, we cannot manage this project alone - we need your support! 10% of the costs are covered by our association. For the rest we need you. 


New Assistant Catalina

In March 2022 Catalina joined our team and supports our projects in Latinamerica.

We gladly welcome Daria as a new volunteer and a member of our team! After completing her master’s degree in «Political Science» at Ukrainian and German universities, she decided to engage herself in a non-formal education sphere, which, in her…

Middle East/ Northern Africa

First Training-Week in Sudan

CRISP is working together with Sudan Youth Organization for Climate Change (SYOCC), facilitating on-site training for the country’s first generation that is participating in the UN Youth Delegates Program. 

South America

Junta Latina

On the 11th of February we engaged in a fruitful conversation with young professionals from 7 countries in Latin America. This “Junta Latina” was aimed at developing future project ideas and possibilities in Latin America, building on our project in…

We have developed a resource for discussing sensitive and controversial topics of Ukraine´s modern history with groups. The toolkit is published in a printed and digital version in Ukrainian.

Together with the Center for Development Services (Egypt) and Nadi El Mohakah Foundation (NMF, Egypt) we successfully put together a tailored made simulation game ot fit the goals and objectives of the Equal Opportunities and Social development…


Welcoming Fiona Papajani

Our organization is glad to welcome Fiona Papajani, our new intern, to the team.

We have received this week the final external evaluation report 2021 of our project PRESENTES in Chile. 89,2% of the participants enjoyed the method of simulation gaming and the vast majority think it is a great learning tool.

On January 21st, PRESENTES has presented to the Constitutional Assembly the final results of the simulation workshops executed during the year 2021, with the opinions and expectations about the new Constitution of more than 600 young participants of…


Newsletter January 2022

Newsletter Updates - January 2022

The last online Training for Multipliers took place

“YouPi – Promoting Youth Participation in Moldova” is now officially over – and the results are splendid!